UHV evaporation system
Ultra-high-vaccuum evaporation system installed in the Binnig and Rohrer Nanotechnology Center (BRNC) cleanroom facility located at the joint ETH Zürich and IBM Zürich research laboratories in Rüschlikon.

The Engineering Unit provides the following services:

  • DSP Block Implementation
  • System Controller Implementation
  • Peripheral Interface Implementation
  • Verification

For more information, please contact Abdulkadir Akin

  • FPGA Board Design
  • Peripheral Card Design

For more information, please contact Peter Clements

  • UHV magnetron sputtering deposition of Nb, NbTi, NbN, TiN, NbTiN.
  • UHV evaporation of Al.
  • HV evaporation of metals (Ti, Cr, Au, Al, Mo) and oxides (SiO2, Al2O3)
  • ALD and PE-ALD deposition of Al2O3, TiN

Available substrates: 4 inch intrinsic Si, 2inch epi-ready Sa; custom holders compatible with custom small substrates. High Quality factors for Nb or Al microwave resonators (Q > 1 M on Si at 4 - 6 GHz). Resistivity, Tc, Hc and RRR characterization. Process development for tailored properties, e.g. high kinetic inductance NbTiN thin films (5 - 15 nm).

  • UV/DUV projection photolithography.
  • Direct laser writing photolithography.
  • Quartz and Sodalime 3/4/5 inch photolithography mask fabrication
  •  RIE/ICP selective etch of Nb, NbTiN (Ar/SF6/O2) and Al (BCL3/Cl2) with end point detection.
  • Wet etch of Nb, NbTiN, Al, Mo, Cr.
  • Piranha, HF and NMP cleaning.
  • 3D AirBridges by lift-off. 
  • EBL (30kV and 100kV) e-beam lithography.
  • Process optimization and custom process development.
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